SPANISH VERSION - Conocer y reconocer

Knowing and recognizing – The growers’ guide to biological crop protection – now revised, expanded, and illustrated to give you a comprehensive overview of the prevalent pests and diseases and ways of controlling them.

Knowing and recognizing does exactly what it implies. It empowers you with knowledge about the pest’s lifecycle and its many phases, as well as giving you the ability to recognize the pest or disease you are up against by means of detailed illustrations and close-up photographs. The knowledge gained will equip you to find the best sustainable solutions.

This book provides the reader with the necessary information to understand the interaction between pests, diseases and their natural enemies. It explains how they spread in the crop, the damage they can cause, and specific behavioural characteristics.




1. Arañas Rojas

2. Otros ácaros plaga

3. Moscas blancas

4. Trips

5. Minadores de hojas

6. Moscas

7. Pulgones

8. Cochinillas

9. Orugas

10. Escarabajos

11. Otros organismos nocivos

12. Introducción general a la microbiología

13. Enfermedades

14. Soluciones microbianas

15. Enfoque sistémico y resilienca de la planta



Pages 443
Author Koppert Biological Systems
Language Spanish
Publication date May 2018
ISBN13 9789082756739

Conocer y reconocer (Spanish)

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